The SobeFit Store was founded by Victor and Sonja Torres out of Castle Pines, Colorado. Both Sonja and I have always been conscious about trying to stay healthy, and a lot of that is surrounded around eating right and exercise. We are especially aware of it as we are getting older and know that part of what will keep us young is by doing all the right things throughout our lives.

We are always looking for ways to utilize the space in our home to maximize our personal workout time by purchasing fitness equipment. It’s amazing how much you can do in just a matter of minutes right there in your home, this is why we created this website.

About Victor

I have been exercising my entire life. When I was teenager I used to ride my bike a lot, then as a young adult I took up karate, then eventually joined a gym. Once I started working full time and then got married it was hard to go to the gym, so I purchased a home gym. It’s a “L” shaped gym so it saves space, and it offers a lot of different exercises. It was reasonably priced and it’s perfect for my needs.

Also, part of my indoor exercise equipment includes an elliptical machine. This is great for cardiovascular workouts, and it works both my arms and legs. Absolutely love it!

Recently, I had knee surgery and was going to physical therapy. Per my physical therapist recommendation I purchased a spinning bike for my home to speed up the healing process, it has really helped a lot. The wonderful part about this is I am able to walk 3 miles a day again. That makes me a very happy camper.

If you too are looking for ways to stay fit, get in shape, or even lose weight, then everything we offer on this website can help you. Having your own equipment at home will save you time, money because you are buying according to your budget, and you will have the joy of knowing that your helping yourself stay healthy and young!

We hope that you find the different types of fitness equipment we offer to be beneficial to fit your lifestyle.

Thank you for Visiting the SobeFit Store.