Do I work out at home or go to the gym?

Do I work out at home or go to the gym?

This is part of the reason why the SobeFit Store was created. Sure it would be great to go to the gym all the time, but having to get ready and then head over there is sometimes a big inconvenience.

Of course going to a gym has its pluses, such as; a lot of fitness equipment, trainers and for many it’s for the social interaction which we completely get. But how nice is it to be able to jump on your indoor exercise bike or home gym right from your home. It’s a balancing act, what’s more important to you? Here’s what we looked at when we made the decision to quit our gym and go to having workout equipment in our home.

1. Do you have the space for the equipment? A lot of equipment can fit in the corner of the room or in a garage and give you all the benefits of having a workout area.

2. Are you able to stay motivated and work out on your own? For us, because we have been working out for years we understand the necessity of staying focused and trying to work out at least 2 to 3 times a week.

3. If you are new at this, do you know where to look for good workout programs? Our recommendation is the Internet. Between just doing a regular search or going to YouTube will give you a ton of great ideas on a workout schedule. Once you find one that you like (or there may be multiple workouts that work for you), then just start doing it and apply yourself.

4. Depending on the cost of the gym, you eventually will save money because you have the equipment already paid for.

This is just a start as to what you can do if you wish to work out from your home. The money you will save from not going to the gym, as well as the time from having to get ready to go is significant.

We will discuss this in further detail on this blog but thought we would share our initial thoughts regarding as to why working out at home is well worth it.